Teaching Legal Technology & Informatics at Notre Dame Law School

NDLSI’m very happy to have the opportunity to be teaching an updated version of my Legal Technology & Informatics class this Spring at Notre Dame Law School (with Jason Boehmig, almun of the law school and Fenwick & West).

Since first creating and teaching this course at Stanford Law School in 2012, I’ve seen the field continue to gain ground across the legal system.  In addition to the new material and speakers (described below), we’ll be working partially remotely via the platform being used at Notre Dame — zoom  — kind of a Google Hangouts on steroids.  So far, the limited testing I’ve done is pretty impressive, with simultaneous views on multiple speakers, slides, and the classroom, and auto-detection of active speakers.

In terms of the syllabus, in addition to what I taught at Stanford in 2012 during their quarter term, we’re able to add new material since this is a semester course.  I also swapped out privacy and decided to use e-discovery as an example of a legal function that requires multiple technical components.  The new material will include a session on Innovator’s Dilemma, practice management, and online dispute resolution.  The speaker list is looking really good so far, but I’ll hold off saying more until I’ve finalized it.  I’ll be sharing the syllabus when it’s ready.

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